August 6, 2009

Nisshin to Wakkanai, and finally Rebun Island! (August 6th) 《Summer Trip Day 5》

Nisshin Sta.
This line continues to the northern end of the railroad, Wakkanai Sta.

《Day 5》
Nisshin Sta. (7:55) - Wakkanai Sta. (11:30) - lunch at the ferry port - Wakkanai Ferry Port (15:10) - by ferry - Kafuka Port, Rebun Island (17:05) - by the inn's car - Field Inn Seikansou.

Monponai Sta.
From Nisshin Sta. it seemed the names of the stations sounded more interesting.

Sakkuru Sta.

Soba (buckwheat) field.

Osashima Sta.
Quite a few stations made of the used car of old cargo train.

The typical image of Hokkaido.

Toikanbetsu Sta.

The big river.

Horonobe Sta.
We had been seeing this young guy with purple cap since we left Aomori by Hamanasu...and we saw him a couple of times in Rebun Island, too...

Cows...So Hokkaido-ish!

Hay...So Hokkaido-ish!

The view of Rishiri Island from the train running around Bakkai area.

Wakkanai Sta.
1596.1 km from Tokyo.

The north end of the railroad.

Such a beautiful sea!

The Sea of Okhotsk was so beautiful!

The signs in Wakkanai are written in Russian, too.

Heart Land Ferry Terminal.

Kaisen-don...Tasty sea urchin.

The ferry we took to Rebun Island.
The round trip for one person costs 5000 yen.

They have the ferry to Rishiri Island, too.

The town of Wakkanai getting farther...

Seagulls were flying around.

Rishiri Island.

Rishiri Island.

Rebun Island.

Kafuka Port of Rebun Island.

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