August 5, 2009

Arriving at Hakkaido (August 5th) 《Summer Trip Day 4》

We found some apples in Aomori Station!
The phone for the clerks is hiding in this.
Aomori is famous for its apples.

After the nice hike in Mt. Hakkouda, we took the bus from Sukayu hot spring to Aomori Sta.
From there we took the night express train "Hamanasu" to Sapporo. We arrived at Sapporo early in the morning and most of the shops were not even open yet, so we had Ekiben for breakfast and took trains to Asahikawa. Asahikawa is famous for its Ramen noodles, so we got some recommendation from the information desk in the station building and went to one of the Ramen shops for lunch. After that we took trains to Nayoro, and then changed trains to Nisshin, where we stayed at a Youth Hostel near the station. The owner gave us a ride to a hot spring in the neighbor and he showed us the night view of Nayoro city on the way to the hostel.

《Day 3 - 4 》
Aomori Sta. (22:42) - the express "Hamanasu" - Sapporo Sta. (6:07 - breakfast -9:08) - Asahikawa Sta. (12:40 - lunch - 14:18) - Nayoro Sta. (16:07 - 16:39) - Nisshin Sta. (16:43).

The sign of the express "Hamanasu".

The first Hokkaido Station, Kikonai.

One of the symbol of Sapporo, Tokei-dai (Clock Tower).

The train from Sapporo to Asahikawa...It has fans on the ceilings.

I didn't know they grow so much rice in such a north area as Hokkaido.

Asahikawa Sta.
It is much bigger city than I expected and it was much hotter than I expected there.

Ramen noodles at Santouka (山頭火).
I had some Ramen at one of this shop's branch in Yamagata when I was in high school.
It tasted different from that but the noodles and pork were great!

The train from Asahikawa to Nayoro.

Pippu station on the way to Nayoro.
The names of the place in Hokkaido are pretty interesting.
It must be because the names have their origins in Ainu language.

Wassamu Sta. It sounds cool!

Nayoro Sta. with beautiful sky.

The train leaving Nisshin Sta.

The sign of Nisshin Sta.

You can see the hostel from the station.
The orange one is the hostel.

In the room another guest occupied the bed downstairs already, so we had to climb this steep ladder...

...and got to the attic like this.

The local trains have only one car.

The sunset from the hostel.

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