January 17, 2008

ICU campus, Mitaka (January 18th)

One little violet flower is opening in my container garden.

Today I went to take some walk in the research forest at the ICU campus. I saw lots of little birds in the campus. I saw Parus major (Shijuukara, Great Tit), Aegithalos caudatus (Enaga, Long-tailed Tit), Dendrocopos kizuki (Kogera, Japanese Pygmy Woodpecker), Carduelis sinica (Kawarahiwa, Oriental Greenfinch), etc. No people was there, so I enjoyed walking in the nice and quiet forest.

Dendrocopos kizuki (Kogera, Japanese Pygmy Woodpecker)

Interesting shapes of the trees.

View through the bush of camellia.

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