January 2, 2008

Funagata, Yamagata (December 31st - January 3rd)

Funagata sta. It is so small station that there is no station clerk sometimes...

On December 30th, my last day of work this year, we took the midnight bus to my hometown, Funagata in Yamagata after the work. Got there around 6:15 AM and my father was there to pick us up. The snow had been falling harder just before we got there. They said there was no snow on December 30th morning. During my stay at Funagata, it snowed pretty much all day long every day. We couldn't do anything special but we went to a few hot springs and visited my brother's family in Yamagata city and finally I could see my niece and nephews since 4 years ago.


The view from Funagata Wakaayu hot spring.

Funagata Wakaayu (young smelt) hot spring. Funagata town is famous for the smelt fish in Oguni river.

Sabaneyama Jizou. Less than 30-minute walk from my home.

On January 1st, quite a few people were visiting this Sabaneyama Jizou for wishing a happy new year.

The view from Sabaneyama Jizou. You can see the Mogami river down there.

On the way back from Sabaneyama.

The supper after we came back to Tokyo. Using Ayu (smelt) and Fuki-miso (coltsfoot-miso) and mountain grape juice from Yamagata.


jannx said...

You have a very nice hometown. The photos look like post cards. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

any more posts coming ?