September 15, 2007

Showa Kinen Park, Nishi Tachikawa (September 15th)

Cosmos (, which is named "Happy Ring".)

Today we went to Showa Kinen Park at Nishi Tachikawa to see if any cosmos flowers are blooming yet. That park has pretty big area for cosmos flowers, which we knew when we went to there before. At the main area for cosmos they aren't blooming yet, but one kind called "Happy Ring" was already in peak. When we saw the flowers there we could sense the season switching from summer to autumn. Some sunflowers still remained blossoming, and red dragonflies were flying at the same time...

西立川から国営昭和記念公園へ出かけてきました。咲いている花や昆虫たちの様子を見ていると夏の終わりから秋のはじまりのこの時期を、そのまま体感するこ とが出来ます。セミが最期の声をふりしぼって鳴いているかと思えば、赤とんぼがもう飛び始めています。名残のひまわりが青空にまぶしく咲いているかと思え ば、コスモスが風に揺れています。まだ、ここのコスモスは一種類だけが見頃を迎えているといった状況でした。また来月の初めあたりに来れたらと思います。

Small waterlily

Horse chestnut (Tochi no mi)


Sleeping cat

Bonsai garden

Lycoris traubii (Shouki Zuisen)

Habenaria radiata (Sagi sou)

Cortaderia selloana (Panpasu gurasu)


Red dragonfly

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