September 24, 2007

Kinchakuda, Hidaka city, Saitama (September 24th)

Red carpet of cluster amaryllis.

Today we went to Kinchakuda at Hidaka city, Saitama. We walked to there from Koma Sta. on Seibu Chichibu line. The station and the area seems pretty small, but today there were filled with lots and lots of people to visit because this place is so famous for its huge patch of Lycoris radiata (Higanbana or Manjushage) and now it is best season to see those flowers. The area where Lycoris radiata flowers at Kinchakuda was much bigger than I expected. The whole area covered with the red flowers looked so misterious. The place had also nice patch of lotus and cosmos. They let us pick up 20 stems of cosmos flowers to take back home with the cost of only 200 yen, which will be used for keeping the place. I got some cosmos flowers too, and actually 20 stems are pretty a lot! Now our living room looks like small version of the cosmos field.

埼玉県日高市の巾着田に曼珠沙華の群落を見に出かけてきました。噂には聞いていたのですが、見事な群落を見ることが出来ました。さすがに、おそらく普段は 静かな小さな高麗駅周辺も、今のシーズンばかりは沢山の人でごった返していました。コスモスも見頃をむかえていて、わずか200円ではさみを貸してくれて 20本、自分で切って持ち帰れるということで、自分もしっかりいただいてきました。

Lycoris radiata (Higanbana or Manjushage)

Isn't it amazing?

The leaves coming yet until after flowering.

Only a few white ones out there.

Lotus field.



Sophia 13 said...

Nice pictures! It is so beautifull and so full of memorys... I have ben there in the end of September and it was one of my last days in the hospital in Hidaka and my last days in Japan as well...
I just hope I'll can come back one day... I'll have a look an the other pics to. If you like to I have some of my pctures online as well at:

Have funn and a good day.

Best wishes Sophia

bioskop said...

Thank you for the comment, Sophia.
Sorry that I haven't noticed your comment until now.
You took lots of nice pictures during your stay in Japan. I found the Higanbana pictures, too. It is interesting to find out that somebody else from other country enjoyed the same beautiful scenery as what I also saw.