September 25, 2007

Field Production Science Center of Tokyo University, Tanashi (September 26th)

Graduate school of Agricultural and Life Sciences, Tokyo university has their own farm to study.

I went to visit the Field Production Science Center of Tokyo university's graduate school in Tanashi. The farm is so big. They grow lots of kinds of plants including pretty big area for the science forrest. They also sold some product from the farm with low price. I also got some potatoes and chestnuts.

田無の東大農場に出かけてきました。東京とは思えないポプラ並木、いい感じに色あせたペ ンキ塗りの木造の建物。近所の幼稚園児たちに、トータル100人く らいはいたんじゃないでしょうか。のんびりできる人気のお散歩コースのようでした。本館の一角では、農産物の販売もしていて、ジャガイモと栗を買ってきま した。

Old-looking wood house.

Classical looking greenhouse.


Lots of rubber boots.

The paint on the wood was faiding nicely.

They have orstriches, too.

"What are you looking at?"

It didn't look like I was still in Tokyo.


Decent white building.

3 kg of potatoes = 200 yen.
1kg of chestnuts = 400 yen.

Huge chestnuts!

The chestnuts were cooked in syrop at home.

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Sintho said...

Hi there.. Hajimamashite..

I was searching for some plant species when I found your blog. I really like your blog since it contains many informations about plants.. Surprisingly I found a post about Tanashi, a place where my laboratory is located (smile)

Please keep writing. Your blog serves a lot og beneficial informations for a plants-addicted-foreigner like me..

Kind regards,