September 10, 2007

Sawai, Mitake, Okutama (September 8th)

We went to Sawai to taste some Sake and walk down by the Tama river to Mitake. However, because of the big typhoon which had given the extremely lots of rainfall in Okutama area in a few days, the trail beside the river was closed. After tasting some Sake, we found out the trail was fine to walk, so we kept going to Mitake. We can see how big damage the typhoon had given this area. The level of river water was way too high. Some part of the trail were broken down. From Mitake, we took the train to Okutama, and went to the hot spring to soak ourselves for a few hours.



Begonia grandis (Shuukaidou)

Chestnut at a farmer's yard...We bought some there and cooked them at home.

Tasting cups for Sake at Sawai.

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