April 23, 2017

New Kinds of Eclair (April 22nd & 23rd)

Éclair salé au saumon fumé.
Smoked Sockeye Salmon Eclair with Crème Fraîche & Dill.

At the coffee shop where I work, we made 2 new kinds of eclair this week.
One is the savory kind with high-quality smoked sockeye salmon.
The other is the one with some tropical fruits.
Now I make 4 kinds of eclair at the shop on weekends.


The kitchen manager made the cream and cut and trimmed the salmon,
and I assembled them into these eclairs.
I added some cucumbers, red onions, a little slice of lemon, capers and fresh dill. 

The eclairs with tropical fruits,
which are mangos, pineapples, kiwi fruit, and blueberries for accent color.
I put some fresh mint leaves.

Here are the tropical fruit ones with a blackberry added.

This week's berries eclair.
More blackberries this time. 

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