April 6, 2017

Fruit Tarts and Fruitcake

 The fruit tart sample I made for the coffee shop I work for.

I made some fruit tart samples to take to the coffee shop I work for.
I used Pâte sucrée with some almond flour for the tart base, and I tried 2 kinds of filling.  The one was just only Crème d'amande (almond cream), 
and the other was Crème frangipane, which is the mixture of Crème d'amande and Crème pâtissière (pastry cream).
The latter had richer flavor, it seemed.  
I also baked some fruitcake and took it to the shop.
I like the cake with orange peel and lemon peel in it.


The first sample I made.
We just ate them at home.

I put just crème d'amande in the pâte sucrée 
and baked them.
And then, I put some crème pâtissière and fruit on top of the tart. 

Here is the fruitcake.
I made some orange peel and lemon peel confitures 
and soaked them in Grand Marnier.
I also added some quickly-made marzipan in the cake,
which enhances the texture of the cake.

Lots of dry fruits in it.
I put lemon peel, orange peel, dry apricot,
dry tart cherries, dry cranberries, raisins.
I used 3 kinds of liquors, too.
Grand Marnier, Kirschwasser and Meyer's rum.

Here is the first sample of fruit tart I took to the shop.
I made a little fan with thinly-sliced pluot,
which is the hybrid of plum and apricot.
The pluots we got at Sam's Club were so tasty!
I just used muffin pan, so it was quite small.

 The tart pans we had ordered arrived at the coffee shop,
and I made some samples at home.
This time, I put crème frangipane in the tarts and baked them.

I made a big one with the remaining dough and cream.
I wanted to try some baked fruit version of the tart.

The tartlets after baked.

Strawberry tart after baked.
It looks pretty rustic, but grilled strawberries smell so good.


I hid a thin layer of raspberry jam
between the tart and crème frangipane.

Here is the second sample I took to the shop.
I put some different kind of cream on top of the tartlets.
The mixture of mascarpone and whipped cream with lemon zest
and a tiny hint of kirschwasser. 

I put some red grapefruit, too for color.
However, it was pretty sour for this tartlet.
Maybe, I could use some blood orange instead.

I used some pectin for coating the surface of fruit.

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