April 17, 2017

Easter Sweets (April 16th)

French Macarons for Easter!

I made some special French macarons for Easter at the shop.
I have been drawing some ideas on paper and ended up using simpler ideas,
because I like the shape of macaron itself.
It was purely joyful to see the customers buying something I created and to imagine that they enjoy seeing and eating them.
"I want to make people happy with something I create."
That is the biggest part of the reason why I like working as a baker at the shop.
For Easter, I also made eclairs with fresh fruits and berries and I bought some of them myself and took them to the party after work.  Our friends liked the eclairs, too!


The first drawing of the idea of the macaron.
At this point, I couldn't figure out what to do with the bunny's ears...

Here are the chicks I created!
The fillings are fresh zestful lemon curd
and white chocolate ganache.
I love lemon curd.
It is so refreshing!

They are lovely especially when they are all gathering.

Here are the bunnies!
I decided to draw the ears with darker pink icing.
They look somehow kind of traditional Japanese sweets "Wagashi",
which seems to tend to abstract the theme on the sweets.

They have also lots of brothers and sisters! 
The fillings are raspberry jam (of course, I made it by myself)
and rose-flavored buttercream.
I added a little bit of rose extract to the macaron shells, too.
Rose fragrance goes well with almond flour, I think.

The eclairs with various berries.
I put strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries.

These are the ones I made for last Friday
and I added a line of raspberry jam to the ones 
I made for Easter.

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