December 31, 2009

Tazawa Lake, Akita (December 31st, Winter Trip Day 2)

Morioka Sta. in the morning...It was cold but there was little snow on the road there.

There are not so many "local" trains running from Morioka to Tazawako, so we had to get up early and took the 5:22 AM train to Tazawako. There was little snow at Morioka, but as the train went closer to the Japan Sea side, there was more and more snow by the tracks.

(Day 2)
Morioka Sta. (5:22 - 6:09) Tazawako Sta. (6:55 - by bus - around 7:15) Tazawakohan BS (around 8:50 - by bus - 9:30) Tsurunoyu Onsen Iriguchi BS (9:30 - on foot - 11:00) Tsurunoyu Hot Spring.

The train to Tazawako.

The JR map around the area.
On 31st we went from Morioka to Tazawako.
On New Year's Day, we planned to stop by my home town, Funagata, which is one stop farther from Shinjo Sta.

Tazawako Sta.
The tourist information center was not even open yet.
We took the bus from there to Tazawa Lake.

Tazawa Lake is the deepest lake in Japan, 423.4 m deep.

The mountains were so beautiful with snow.

The lake looked blue.

We found the area with lots of mistletoe.

Hourai Pine Tree (蓬莱の松) by the lake.

Here is the panorama of the lake.

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