December 23, 2009

Jindai Botanical Garden (December 23rd)

The New Year Poster of Jindaiji Temple.
Next year is the year of tiger.

This morning we went to Jindai Botanical Garden by bike.
They grow a few plants of Keiskea japonica (Shimobashira), but there were no frost flowers like the ones we saw in Mt. Takao the other day. They were also preparing for the exhibition of peony during the New Year's week. Not many flowers were blooming, but we saw lots of birds and also some birders with huge cameras.

The trees were surrounded with the ropes for winter.
It won't snow so much here in Tokyo, I bet, though...

Not many leaves left in the trees.

Carduelis sinica (Oriental Greenfinch, Kawara-hiwa).

Carduelis sinica (Oriental Greenfinch, Kawara-hiwa).

Chimonanthus praecox (Roubai).

Camellia sasanqua (Sazanka).

Camellia chrysantha (Kinkacha) in the greenhouse.
It comes originally from Guangxi Zhuang Automous Region, China.

Camellia amplexicaulis (Hi Duong) in the greenhouse.
This one is from Vietnam. It was my first time to see this, and I like this lovely flower.
According to some information from the internet, this flower is for celebrating the New Year in Vietnam.

Cattleya flower in the greenhouse.

Epidendrum "Star Valley" in the greenhouse.
An interesting shape of the flower.

Cymbidium in the greenhouse.

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