July 13, 2009

Mt. Yokodake to Sansha Peak, Yatsugatake, Nagano (July 11th)

Brocken spectre.
Some kind of rainbow-ish light showed up around my shadow in the clouds!
After this the clouds were getting to clear up and we started to enjoy the beautiful views of the mountains!

When we passed the peak of Mt. Yokodake, the clouds were clearing up.
Here are some more pictures taken on the way to Sansha peak from Oku-no-in peak.

The wind blowing from each side of the ridge were fighting to compete each other.

Now we could enjoy the amazing view!

Beautiful blue sky!

Mt. Fuji also showed up.

Lots of interesting rocks around here.

We could see far far away...

Lagotis glauca (Uruppu-sou).
This one is also know for its rarity, because they grown only in Mt. Yokodake area and Mt. Hakuba area in Honshu island, Japan.

Rhodiola rosea (Iwa Benkei).
These ones were blooming...Cute!

Viola crassa ssp. yatsugatakeana (Yatsugatake Ki Sumire).

Flowers and Mt. Akadake.

We saw lots of kinds of flowers like this all the way on this trail!

Sansha peak (2825m).

Mt. Yokodake (Oku-no-in peak) from Sansha peak.

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