July 12, 2009

Mt. Ioudake, Mt. Yokodake, Yatsugatake, Nagano (July 11th)

I took so many pictures on July 11th that I couldn't upload all at once.
Here are some panorama pictures I made!

Mt. Akadake and Mt. Fuji (far far away...)

The view from the Sansha peak area on the way to Mt. Akadake from Mt. Yokodake.

Another interesting panorama from the top of Mt. Yokodake (Oku-no-in), which shows Mt. Ioudake, Mt. Amida, and Mt. Akadake.

The view from Mt. Ioudake.
You can see the hut we stayed and Mt. Yokodake, Mt. Akadake and Mt. Amida.

The huge scar of the volcanic action at Mt. Ioudake.

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