March 22, 2007

Nogawa Park, Mitaka (March 23rd)

(photo 1)

I went to check the ICU and Nogawa park if any cherry blossoms start blooming. It is still early to see them in full bloom. Only about 5 % of their flowers are open yet. However, I found quite a few Gentiana zollingeri (Fude Rindou, photo 1) blooming beside the Toohachi road at the Nogawa park. At the park the weeping willows are starting to sprout the young leaves and I also saw some Erythronium japonicum (Katakuri) there.

ICU は今日卒業式か何かだったようで、袴姿の女学生や初々しいスーツ姿の学生の姿が見られました。桜の方はまだ一分咲きにも満たない程度ですが、枝に よってはかなり花をつけているものも見られました。野川公園の柳は柔らかい緑の新芽をつけ、きれいな瑠璃色のフデリンドウが早くも花を咲かせていました。

(Cymbidium goeringii in Nogawa park)

(Young maple leaves)

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