March 9, 2017

Gâteau Opéra (Opera Cake) - Matcha and White Flower Cake Decoration

Matcha version of Opera Cake.

I made matcha (green tea) flavor Opera cake this week at home.
I have got a bag of matcha powder at a local Asian grocery.  It was 17 dollars or so for 100g.
It was pretty expensive for me, but it is actually the one from Japanese tea leaves, and it tastes exactly like the one you can get in Japan!
I found a beautiful picture of this kind of cake made by a famous Japanese pastry chef.  The cake is called "Bamboo".  I just got a hint from that, and improvised it.


 Biscuit joconde with matcha powder.
This is a kind of cake using quite a portion of almond flour.

Matcha ganache.
I used Ghirardelli white chocolate and added some matcha.
The white chocolate has a really strong milky flavor,
so I used a lot of matcha to match the milkiness.

Matcha buttercream.
I made this buttercream with pâte à bombe
to add some rich flavor of egg yolk. 

4 layered cake with matcha ganache, matcha buttercream. 

The darker green is Matcha ganache,
and the lighter green is Matcha buttercream.

I put some matcha syrup on each layer of the cakes
so that it would be nice and moist.

Here is the decoration for the ordered Birthday cake today at the shop.
I made some roses and English roses.
I hope the customer will like it.

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