March 19, 2009

Yoshino Baigo, Hinatawada (March 15th)

Yoshino Baigo. (吉野梅郷)

We went to Hinatawada sta. on the Ome line to go to Plum Garden at Yoshino Baigo.
At the JA store on the way to the garden, we bought some Umeboshi (pickled Ume plums) as we always do. We always get Umeboshi there for Onigiri (rice ball). Not only near the garden itself but also at the whole area around there it was filled with nice fragrance of plum blossoms.

Cornus officinalis (Sanshuyu).

Plum named "Shooku-no-chou" (書屋の蝶), which means "butterflis in the study".

Plum named "Chou-no-hagasane" (蝶の羽重), which means "The layers of the wings of the butterflies".

Viola hondoensis (Aoi Sumire).

They held the big festival around the area.

Gagea lutea (Kibana-no-Amana).

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