March 19, 2009

ICU and Nogawa Park (March 20th)

Morel mushroom in the campus of ICU.
It looks weird, but it tastes really good.

This morning it was raining, but it stopped raining around noon, so we took a walk in the campus of ICU and Nogawa Park.

Viola japonica (Ko Sumire) at ICU.

Gentiana zollingeri (Fude Rindou) at ICU.

Magnolia kobus (Kobushi) at ICU... We found quite a few of them around our place.

A kind of cherry blossom found in Nogawa Park. It has just started to bloom.

Beautiful green grass.

Weeping willows started to become green.

Equisetum arvense (Sugina, Tsukushi).

Magnolia kobus (Kobushi) in Nogawa Park.

Viola japonica (Ko Sumire) in Nogawa Park.

Malus sieboldii (Zumi)...I think.

Kaniska canace (Ruri Tateha).

Morel mushrooms picked at the ICU campus.

Steak with morel mushrooms and roasted potatoes.
It tasted really good. (Those purple potatoes bought at Hinatawada JA store was pretty good, too!)

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