January 18, 2009

Oyama Dairi Park, Tamasakai (January 18th)

"Dondo-yaki", which is the event people burn the old talismans or the calligraphy kids wrote wishing for good luck or improvement in the new year.

We went to see Dondo-yaki at the Oyama Dairi Park in Tamasakai. In a few seconds after they set fire, it became so hot and huge that people moved back. After the fire went down, we roasted Mayudama (small balls made from rice flour) and it tasted much better than last year, because we succeeded in roasting them properly this time.

The kids setting fire with grown-ups' help.

In a few seconds.

The fire spreading so quickly.

Firefighters were there, too.

Roasting the Mayudama.

The Mayudama after roasting.

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