January 2, 2009

Jindaiji Area (January 2nd)

Jindaiji temple. Lots of people were there to wish for the new year.

We went to Jindaiji to wish for this new year's good luck.
We tried the Soba reastaurant we had never been to, which right in front of the entrance of the temple. In the restaurant, you can see the pond outside, and we had lunch upstairs so we enjoyed nice view, too. We had a little bit of Sake there. After lunch we went to the botanical garden. They held the exhibition of Rohdea japonica (Omoto), which is one of the traditional cultivated plants in Japan. I didn't know there are so many kinds and some of them are really expensive!

The Soba shop, Ganso Shimada-ya.

The view form the restaurant.

Soba and Tempura.

Rohdea japonica (Omoto)

Rohdea japonica (Omoto)

Rohdea japonica (Omoto)

Rohdea japonica (Omoto), named "Flying Dragon".

"Seven plants of Spring"...Japanese people have these seven plants, some of which are recognized as just weeds, cooked in Okayu (watery soft rice) on January 7th to wish for good health.

Eucharis grandiflora (Yuucharisu, Amazon Lily) in the greenhouse.
One of the popular material flowers for wedding bouquet these days.

Winter sky.

Sunset sky.

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