August 16, 2008

Mt. Gassan (Part 2) (August 12th & 13th)

The sunrise at the top of Mt. Gassan.

We saw nice sunrise and all the plants were covered with the pinkish light, so we took lots of interesting color pictures. From the top of Mt. Gassan, we could see Mt. Choukai, too. We walked down to the Tsuruoka side of the mountain and then took the bus back to Tsuruoka Station, and then back home by the train from there.

Schizocodon soldanelloides f. alpinus (Ko-Iwakagami)

Near the snow at the top, we could still see some early kinds of flowers.

Geum pentapetalum (Chinguruma)

Heloniopsis orientalis (Shoujou bakama)

Coptis trifoliolata (Mitsuba-no-Baika-ouren)

Vaccinium ovalifolium (Kurousugo)

Viola biflora (Kibana-no-Komanotsume)

Geranium yesoense var. nipponicum (Hakusan Fuuro)

Viola biflora (Kibana-no-Komanotsume)

Viola biflora (Kibana-no-Komanotsume)

The Shadow of Mt. Gassan.

The colors were hard to express.

You can see Mt. Choukai, too.

Gaultheria ovatifolia ssp. adenothrix (Akamono).
This one got some berries.

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