August 14, 2008

Food in Yamagata (August 8th and 9th)

Do you know what flowers are these?
They are squash flowers... I picked up them from my parents' garden in the morning.

Here are some pictures of the impressive food that I had in the Yamagata trip.
I recommend the Tempura of squash flowers!

Tempura of squash flowers.
My parents and I didn't know we could eat squash flowers.
My friend Daniel told me that he ate them when he was in the Philippines, so we tried them.
It tastes nice and sweet. When we were deep frying them, they smelt sweet like a vanilla.

These are the fresh eggs from my father's chicken.
After he retired, he started to keep some chickens in the back yard.

Bowl of rice with lots of kinds of Sashimi on top.
At the sea side restaurant in Sakata city, where we stayed for Mt. Choukai trip.

"Shichibei Soba".
One of the popular Soba restaurant at the Jinengo area in Ooishida town, Yamagata.
It is located in the middle of nowhere, but there were lots of people.

They serve some side dish with Soba.
(Cucumber, soy-sauce-flavored fern, Warabi, and Jew's ear, Kikurage)

You can have as much as Soba noodles you like with only 1000 yen!
They served Soba with ground Daikon juice in the sauce. I prefer this style than eating Soba with Wasabi. Daikon juice is not so strong as Wasabi, so it won't kill the gentle Soba flavor.

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