June 9, 2008

Mt. Takao (June 8th)

Dendrobium moniliforme (Sekkoku)

We went to Mt. Takao to see Dendrobium moniliforme (Sekkoku) flowers. There were lots of people today. We could also find the nice Pseudopyxis depressa (Inamori-sou) flowers. This flower is somehow kind of difficult to find the open flowers, but this time we found several of them. And we found that they have a few varieties actually.


All those white things are Dendrobium moniliforme (Sekkoku) flowers.

Lines of people on the No. 6 trail.

Helwingia japonica (Hana Ikada)

Pseudopyxis depressa f. angustiloba (Hoshizaki Inamori-sou)

Pseudopyxis depressa f. variegata (Fuiri Inamori-sou)

Pseudopyxis depressa (Inamori-sou)

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