June 1, 2008

Fukiage Iris Garden, Ome (June 1st)

Fukiage Iris Garden.

We went to Fukiage Iris Garden, Ome today. It was really beautiful day...blue sky and nice breeze... It was a little too early for the irises, but we could see some of the early ones and the green field with the iris leaves looked just pretty beautiful. After the iris garden, we went to Sawai and tasted some Sake at the Ozawa brewery and enjoyed walking beside the Tama river.



Tama River near Sawai.


Pam said...

Thank you for your recommendation! I found this garden in the book, 'Flower Lover's Guide to Tokyo' & was looking for more information on this garden. I googled the garden name & was directed to your website. I visited this garden on Sunday, June 15th, 2008. Many of the irises were blooming - just beautiful! But many have yet to bloom. I would highly recommend visiting. We then walked 20 minutes to Shiobune Kannon-ji temple. So peaceful & lovely.

bioskop said...

Thank you for your comment, pam! We went there again on June 15th, too. The variety of colors is amazing. You can also find quite a few kinds of irises at Horikiri Iris Garden, but the place is much smaller and located in the cities. Hamarikyuu Garden is also nice place to visit in the rainy season, I guess.