December 8, 2007

Nogawa Park and Tonogayato Gardens (December 8th)

Beside the pond at the Nogawa Park.

Today we rode our bicycles from Nogawa Park to Tonogayato Gardens, which have one of the springs running into the Nogawa river. We didn't plan to stop by the Nogawa Park, but when we passed through the park there were quite a few maple trees with beautifully-colored leaves, so we parked the bicycles and walked around the inside of the plant area.
From the park, we took the road called Hake-no-michi to Tonogayato Gardens near Kokubunji sta. The garden was originally created as part of the grounds for a residence for the Vice-President of the Manchurian Railway, Eguchi Teijo. And then in 1929, it was purchased by the founder of Mitsubishi, Iwasaki Yataro. In 1974, until the garden was purchased by the City of Tokyo, the Iwasaki family used the buildings and grounds as their residence. The garden has lots of nice and big maple trees, so we took many pictures there.


Reineckea carnea (Kichijou-sou)

Red maple leaves at the Nogawa Park.

Big maple trees in Tonogayato Gardens.

The pine trees got coverd up with dry grass cloths.

Green bamboos and yellow maples.

Interesting view on the surface of the pond.


White carp and the autumn colors on the water.

Is it natural? Or somebody did it?

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