December 1, 2007

Jindaiji Area (December 1st)

Chofu Wholesale Center - A small local market at the Jindaiji area in Chofu.

Today we went to bicycle around the Jindaiji area in Chofu. First we visited Chofu Wholesale Center to see if they had any nice hams for Christmas but it was a little too early, so they don't have any yet. It had been a while since we went there last time and the place changed quite a bit. We found a small restaurant built right beside a fish shop and had Sushi for brunch. Then we went to Jindaiji hot spring "Yukari" and soaked in the coffee-colored hot spring. After that we went Jindai Botanical Garden bicycling through Jindaiji temple area. The maple trees there were so pretty. The cold temperatures of last few days must have worked good on turning the leaves' colors into pretty. We enjoyed beautiful colors and then had early supper at the Soba noodle shop "Tama no ya" and came back home.


The entrance of the restaurant in the market.

Sushi for brunch.

The main avenue in front of the Jindaiji temple.

At the maple garden in Jindai Botanical Garden.

The yellow maple leaves looks pretty, too.


This view is the one we meant to come to see today.

Jindaiji Beer.

We had Soba noodles with Nameko mushrooms and Duck meat.

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jannx said...

Nice photos. Unfortunately, I have not been around the Chofu area very much. I am not surprised that Chofu has changed, things change very fast in Tokyo. How is the Musashisakai station, have they finished it yet?