November 18, 2007

Mukashi Michi, Okutama (November 17th)

Autumn colors at the Okutama Lake area.

Today we went to see the autumn colors at the Okutama area. We took the bus from Okutama sta. to Okutamako bus stop, then walked down the old trail called Mukashi-michi to Sakaibashi bus stop. Then we took the bus back to the station and went to the hot spring.

Ampelopsis brevipedunculata (Nobudou)

As soon as we started the old trail, we found some persimmons eaten by somebody on the road...

It was a wild monkey which ate the persimmons!

Okutama Lake is actually a dam built to save the water for people living in Tokyo.

The view from Sakaibashi bridge.

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