November 9, 2007

Institute for Nature Study, National Science Museum (November 8th)

Quercus acuta (Akagashi)

Today I went to The Institute of Nature Science, National Science Museum at the Shirokane area in Tokyo. The place preserves the original environment of Tokyo at the middle of the cities of central Tokyo. It is pretty amazing that we could see such a pretty nice forest in city side of Tokyo. They even keeps the marsh where lots of kinds of plants grow, too. On the way home, I stopped by the bakery, PAUL at the Yotsuya sta. and the sweets shop, StefanoAnna at Kichijoji.


Castanopsis (Shii)

Aphananthe aspera (Muku no Ki)

Miscanthus sinensis (Susuki) at the marsh.

Aeginetia indica (Nanban Giseru)

Pan de campagne and apple pie from PAUL at Yotsuya.

StefanoAnna in Kichijoji.

The sweets from "StefanoAnna" in Kichijoji. The big one is called "Fagottino", which contains pretty rich Fran-like stuff with lots of nuts and raisins and apples covered with pie. Other small sweets also tastes pretty good.

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