September 7, 2017

Eagle Summit (September 2nd & 3rd)

The view from Eagle Summit.

We went to Eagle Summit to see some fall colors.
We saw quite a few caribou there for the first time.

フェアバンクスから100マイルほどの所にあるEagle Summitにまた出かけてきました。

A family of caribou on the flat top of a mountain in Eagle Summit area.

Caribou on the slope of Eagle Summit with Steese Highway on the back.

A family of caribou nearly approached the wayside of Eagle Summit. 

We saw many caribou on this flat top near Eagle Summit.

We parked our rig at the wayside and stayed there for two nights.

We saw a band of northern lights on the first night at the wayside.

We found some caribou on the ridge the next morning from the wayside.

They came down pretty close from the wayside.

Some of them got beautiful antlers.


We were able to see many caribou now and then during our stay at Eagle Summit. 

They look so tiny in this picture, but
a group of caribou is on the ridge near the center of this picture.
You can tell how close they are from the highway.

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