September 22, 2015

Mt. Akitakomagatake, Part 1 (September 20th)

Mt. Nyuutou and Mt. Sasamori from the trail to Amida-ike.

We went to hike on the Mt. Akitakomagatake area for the autumn holidays.
The colors were so amazing!
I took more than 1400 pictures!
Here are some of them taken from the 8th station hut up to Amida-ike.


The view from the hut.

The starting point of the trail.

The ridge to Mt. Yumori was covered with red.

Parnassia palustris (Umebachi-sou).

Parnassia palustris (Umebachi-sou).

Hydrangea paniculata (Nori Utsugi).

The 8th station hut, where we stayed.

Angelica ursina (Ezo Nyuu).

The left one is Mt. Sasamori and the right one is Mt. Yumori.

The top of Mt. Sasamori.

The ridge was red and the valley was covered with yellow.

Mt. Sasamori.

Mt. Yumori.

The top of Mt. Yumori was so red!

I couldn't resist to take the same-ish pictures again and again
because it was so pretty!

Mt. Sasamori.

See?  I took practically the same one above.
However, it is taken from a little bit higher place.

We hiked among the fall colors.

Mt. Yumori.

Mt. Nuutou and Mt. Sasamori.

Mt. Nyuutou (the pointy peak far in the left),
Mt. Sasamori (left),
Mt. Zarumori (far in the center),
and Mt. Yumori (right with lots of red).

Mt. Zarumori and Mt. Yumori.

Mt. Nyuutou and Mt. Sasamori and mountain ash berries.

I was amazed by both of the colors and landscapes!

Aconitum japonicum ssp. subcuneatum (Oku Torikabuto).

Mt. Nyuutou is the name called in Akita,
and this same mountain is called Mt. Eboshidake in Iwate.

Beautiful blue sky, but the clouds hid the top of Mt. Nyuutou.

Now, we can see the Lake Tazawa, the deepest lake in Japan.

The trail continues through the autumn colors!

Tada!  The blue sky and Mt. Nuutou and other mountains!



Schizocodon soldanelloides f. alpinus (Ko-iwa-kagami). 

Mt. Onamedake, which is one of the peaks of Mt. Akitakomagatake.

The ground cover plants also turned red.
Geum calthifolium var. nipponicum (Miyama Daikon-sou).

Potentilla matsumurae (Miyama Kinbai).

The view of the Lake Tazawa.

Mt. Onamedake.


Amida-ike, the pond near the peaks of Mt. Akitakomagatake.

If you click on the pictures, you can see them in bigger size.

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