November 26, 2011

Nagatoro & Mitsumine-guchi, Chichibu (November 26th)

The view from the rocks at Iwadatami in Nagatoro, Chichibu.

We went to Nagatoro in the Chichibu area, Saitama for the first time.
We had heard about the place, but it takes more than 2 hours from here, so we had never tried the area before.
We took the special express from Tokorozawa and the express was pretty comfortable.
When we got Nagatoro station, it was pretty cold. Walking in ten minutes or so, we got to the famous spot called "Iwadatami" by the river. You can ride a boat there, but we didn't try this time and just enjoyed walking by the river on the rocks of Iwadatami.
We kept going to Tsuki-no-ishi Momiji Park near Kami Nagatoro station and we found lots of nice red maple trees there. From there we went back to Nagatoro and had lunch and then went to Mitsutouge-guchi station by the train on Chichibu line.


The blue sky reflected on the surface of the river.

The fall color by the river.

There were quite a few people enjoying the boat ride.

At Tsuki-no-ishi Momiji Park.
There were nice red maple trees.


The red maple leaves on the ground.

We went back to the river and walked back to Nagatoro station.

The Iwadatami area by the river.
We walked on the rocky area.


The fall colors by the river and the boat.

We had Sansai Udon noodles at the Soba restaurant "Hayashi".
The noodles were so tasty!

Nagatoro Station on Chichibu Line.

The view from the bridge near Mitsumine-guchi station.

The water in the river was so clear and really beautiful.

The mountains were yellow and orange.

The view of Mt. Bukou.

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