March 15, 2011

The Earthquakes and Tsunami (March 12th~)

There was a big earthquake on the Pacific side of the Touhoku area on 12th.
We were both at home in Tokyo then.
It lasted about 5 minutes or so and it was the biggest earthquake we have felt ever.
However, we had no damage at all from the earthquake.

We saw it on TV and the damage at the Pacific side of the Touhoku was horrible.
The places we passed during our summer trip in 2009, such as Miyako, Hachinohe, the Sanriku coast area and some part of Sendai, were washed away with Tsunami...
We hope they can get back to the usual lives as soon as possible.
Lots of people are still missing and lots of people are suffering from the inconvenient lives at the evacuation centers.

My parents and brother's family in Yamagata suffered from the blackout since then until the next day. But everyone is okay including my nieces and nephews.

Now they started the rolling blackout in the Kanto area including Tokyo from this Monday, but they didn't actually carry out the blackout here so far.
In the Touhoku area (Mainly in the Japan Sea side) including Yamagata, they start the same rolling blackout from today (Wednesday), too.

Here in Tokyo, people are overreacting to the influence of the rolling blackout and the earthquake. The railway companies are reducing the number of trains and limiting the time of running the trains, so people make lines to get inside of the stations to take the trains.
In our neighborhood, also in the other areas, people started to buy up the groceries and daily stuff such as toilet paper and batteries and candles... There aren't any bread and retort food in the supermarkets and convenience stores. Lots of the gas stations are closed quickly because lots of people try to get the gas to their cars. We shouldn't overreact to the situation. We have no problem comparing to the people in the Touhoku area!



てばまる said...

 あと、企業が帰宅困難に備えて買いだめているようです。 よく利用する山ショップではシュラフが凄い勢いで売れて在庫がなかったです。こういうのはたぶん企業でしょう。



bioskop said...


yiryiir said...

I have sadly heard about the news of the damage caused by the earthquake and after the tsunami. I can't do much, but i pray for the victims and the survivors. I wish you could overcome this disaster as soon as possible. I pray for Fukushima never become a second Chernobil...
I am relieved that you and your family are in safe, i use to enjoy your blog.
Take care and be strong! My thoughts and heart is with you! All the best!

bioskop said...

Thank you, Bea.
Another earthquake just hit. It has been like this for a while after the huge one last Friday.
The people living in Tokyo seem to calm down now.
We hope the people who suffered the severe shock of the earthquake and the tsunami will come back to the normal lives as soon as possible, too.
It is just amazing to see so many people came here to Japan from lots of other countries to help the people suffering. Thank you so much.