October 24, 2010

Hakone (October 22nd & 23rd)

Mt. Fuji from Oowakudani in Hakone.

We went to Hakone this weekend.
We went to Gora Park first and looked around for a while, and then went to Oowakudani and ate the famous black boiled eggs. After that, we went to Tougendai by ropeway and took the bus to Sengoku Kougen BS to visit the vast field covered with Miscanthus sinensis (Susuki) grass. We stayed at Hakone Sengokuhara YH nearby and enjoyed the nice hot spring there.
The next day, we took the bus to Tougendai and then back to Oowakudani by ropeway because we wanted to see Mt. Fuji from there, which we couldn't the day before because of the clouds.
On that day, we could see Mt. Fuji clearly, so we took bunch of pictures, and then back to Tougendai again to take the ship to Hakonemachi Port. We had lunch there and then took the ship back to Tougandai from Motohakone Port, took the ropeway to Souunzan via Oowakudani, and then back home.


Saxifraga fortunei var. incisolobata cv. Hiougi (Daimonjisou "緋扇").
They exhibited lots of kinds of Saxifraga fortunei var. incisolobata (Daimonjisou) flower at the Gora Park.

Saxifraga fortunei var. incisolobata cv. Harumi (Daimonjisou "春見").

Saxifraga fortunei var. incisolobata cv. Iyo Guruma (Daimonjisou "伊予車").

Saxifraga fortunei var. incisolobata cv. Hana Kanzashi (Daimonjisou "花かんざし").

Miscanthus sinensis (Susuki) field at Sengoku Kougen.

Allium thunbergii (Yama Rakkyou) in Sengoku Kougen.

Gentiana scabra var. buergeri (Rindou).

Kalimeris pinnatifida (Yuugagiku).

A kind of thistle (Azami).

Miscanthus sinensis (Susuki).

Mugwort (Yomogi) flavor soft ice cream... It had strong Yomogi flavor.

The hot spring in the YH. We bathed three times!
Its pH is 2! Pretty strong acid!

Tougendai Ropeway Sta.

Mt. Fuji and thistle flowers.

Mt. Fuji and Miscanthus sinensis (Susuki).

Mt. Fuji and Miscanthus sinensis (Susuki).

Fried Japanese Smelt (Wakasagi) caught in the Lake Ashi.
It tasted really good.

Mt. Fuji by the Lake Ashi.

Mt. Komagatake from the ship cruising on the Lake Ashi.

Mt. Fuji.



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箱根は久しくいってません。 紅葉は遅れているようですね。 仙石原のススキは一度見てみたいと思ってます。
黒卵は1個食べると7年でしたっけ?寿命が延びるそうですけど、賞味期限は短いですよね(^^;) でも美味しい~!

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