October 31, 2009

Showa Kinen Park, Nishi Tachikawa (October 31st)

The fall color was starting there.

We went to Showa Kinen Park in Nishi Tachikawa. In the Japanese garden we saw some beautiful maple trees with red, orange and yellow leaves. They held some citizen's festival on the way back to Tachikawa Sta. and at a tent of Polish people, we saw a lady, whose maiden name was the same as my friend, Daniel's! He is from the U.S. but his grandfather came from Poland. Pretty interesting! They sold some nice pottery made in Poland, Bolesławiec, and got a bowl with beautiful indigo graze.

Camellia sasanqua (Sazanka).

Crocus sativus (Saffron Crocus).

Cosmos "Yellow Garden".
There was nothing left at the famous hill of cosmos in this park.

The yellow cosmos and the cosmos flowers of "Campus" series were still blooming.

The maple trees in the Japanese garden.

The pond in the Japanese garden.

It looks like stained glass.

It looks so beautiful through the sunlight.

A boat filled with chrysanthemum was on the pond.

Kaniska canace (Ruri Tateha).

The cat living around the Japanese garden.
I think I took a picture of this cat before.

The Ginkgo biloba trees at the Tachikawa entrance of the park.
They were starting to get yellow.

What do you think of this?
These are the drops of water falling at the fountain in the park.


Richard said...

Nice pictures. I really like the Cosmos garden. Very striking and just huge. Dick Flegel 11-01-09

bioskop said...

Thank you for your comment, Dick!
You are the friend of Daniel, who sent the raspberry jam before, right?

The normal cosmos flowers (white, pink, magenta) were nearly done around here, but the park we went got some newer kinds of cosmos, whose colors are yellow, brick, and darker red.