June 14, 2009

Hakone (June 12th - 13th)

Gora Sta. on Hakone Tozan Railroad.
From here we transfer to the cable car.

We couldn't decide where to go until this morning, and finally we decided to go to Hakone and as soon as we made reservation for Hakone Sengokuhara YH, we rushed to the station.
We got Hakone Free Pass of Odakyuu group, so we rode the cable car, ropeway, boat and bus many times. The YH has a hot spring bath with whitish water and we enjoyed once at night and once in the morning on each day.

The ropeway passing over the Oowakudani.


The ropeway over the Oowakudani.

It was a beutiful day.
The contrast of the blue sky and green montains was amazing!

Oowakudani. The steam comes out from the earth.
They sell black boilded eggs using this steam there.

Mt. Fuji from Oowakudani.

Ficedula narcissina (Ki-bitaki).
On the way down from Oowakudani.

Lake Ashi from Tougendai Sta. of the ropeway.

Sengokuhara when we passed in the bus from Tougendai BS.

Lake Ashi from the top of Mt. Komagatake.
We took Komagatake Ropeway (You can't use Odakyuu Pass for this one. This one must be in the another company's group...)

Enkianthus campanulatus (Sarasa Doudan).

Fried Wakasagi (Hypomesus nipponensis, Japanese smelt) caught in Lake Ashino.

Mt. Komagatake and Lake Ashi.

The Ashinoko boat crew.

One of the boats of Lake Ashi.

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