December 7, 2008

Ogouchi Dam, Okutama (December 7th)

Ogouchi Dam, aka Okutama-ko (lake) in Okutama.

We went to Okutama to see if any fall color could be seen still. When we got to the Ogouchi Dam, which is also known as Okutama-ko (lake), we found candle ice on the ground. It was really cold, but the sky was really clear and blue. However, most of the leaves of the trees in the mountains were already gone. After that, we went to the hot spring near the Okutama station.

Sunshine on the lake.

Candle ice... It is winter already...

Beautiful blue sky.

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jolaw said...

Hello from Australia!

Numazawa-san, we've been back in Sydney for 4 days now and it's quite hot today. We went for a swim at the beach this morning and the water was 20 degrees!

Your photographs and writings are making me really miss Tokyo! I can't wait till we are there again (hopefully next winter).

Okutama is one of the places we were hoping to visit but didn't manage to do so before we left. I am interested in your culinary adventures in these parts - are they good restaurants in Okutama?