November 29, 2008

Sawai and Mitake (November 22nd)

Blue Sky and Red Maple

We went to the Sawai and Mitake area today. The first Okutama Holiday Special was filled with people and we had to keep standing up all the way, so we got a little tired, but as soon as we got off the train at the Sawai station, we felt nice and cool fresh air and really enjoyed it.
It was too early for the Sake tasting place to open, so we walked around the area first. Nice fall colors are here and there and we even found a flower of violet on the way back to the brewery. I had Amazake first and then taste a small cup of Sake. Then walked by the Tama river and enjoyed the beautiful maples and the Ginkgo tree.

View from the bridge near Ozawa brewery.

Viola grypoceras (Tachitsubo Sumire)

Looks like an old Japanese painting.

Shiny seeds of reeds.

The Ginkgo Tree at Mitake.

The Ginkgo Tree at Mitake.

The Ginkgo Tree at Mitake.

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