October 14, 2008

Kusatsu Hot Spring (October 11th - 13th)

Yubatake at Kusatsu Hot Spring.

We went to Kusatsu to enjoy the hot spring this weekend.
Here are the pictures taken around the main area of the hot spring. There are lots of small public baths around this area. They are for the people in this community, but we, travelers can also use them for free. There are several different kinds of springs, so each bath has different temperature and acidity, but most of them have strong acidity, so if you lick it a bit, it tastes sour and salty. By the Yubatake, we found a small restaurant bar, which served really nice meal.
We enjoyed the huge outside bath in Sai-no-kawara under the stars at night, too.


Yubatake...They collect the extract of the hot spring water.


Jizou-no-yu, one of the public bath.

Ruri-no-yu, another public bath. This one is pretty close from the Kusatsu Bus Terminal, so I just stopped by this place right before I took the bus back home.

Here is the inside of the Ruri-no-yu.

Yubatake at night.

Pork ginger at the restaurant "Dan".
The pork was really thick, but it was pretty tender and so tasty!
Lots of people were there in the pretty small local restaurant.

Sainokawara...hot spring water making this creek.

Cute cat found in front of Kusatsu Hotel.

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