May 6, 2008

Shinjo, Yamagata (May 3rd)

Waterfall at the bottom of Mt. Mokuzou.

After hiking on the short trail from my home, father picked us up and took us to Mt. Mokuzou. We just walked down on the trail beside the creek for a while, but we found lots of nice flowers and father picked quite a bunch of mountain vegetables for supper.


Viola selkirkii (Miyama Sumire)

Viola selkirkii (Miyama Sumire)

Viola selkirkii (Miyama Sumire)

Dichocarpum nipponicum (Azuma Shirokanesou)

Oxalis acetosella (Komiyama Katabami)

Anemone pseudoaltaica (Kikuzaki Ichige)
This one is really blue... Most of these flowers which you can see in Tokyo are white.

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