March 17, 2008

Jindai Botanical Garden (March 15th)

Prunus campanulata (Kanhizakura)

Today we went to Jindai Botanical Garden to see the plum blossoms. At the pond in the garden we saw 2 Kingfisher birds. They must live in the garden. Some of the cherry blossoms were already blooming. At the plum garden the peak of the flower was passed already, but quite a few people were still enjoying the flowers. We found one little violet blooming under the plum tree.


Anemone pseudoaltaica (Kikuzaki ichige)

Warm spring day. You can see some kingfishers at this pond.

Prunus × kanzakura cv. kanzakura (Kanzakura)

Prunus × kanzakura cv. Oh-kanzakura (Oo Kanzakura)

Prunus lannesiana cv. Kawazu-zakura (Kawazu zakura)

Peach blossoms.

Viola japonica (Kosumire)

Interesting shapes of the branches of plum tree.

I like pale pink plum blossom like this kind.

The plum garden was filled with nice fragrance.

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