September 10, 2017

More Caribou (September 3rd)

Another group of Caribou was on the ridge near Eagle Summit!

After driving back from Circle, we stayed at Eagle Summit Wayside for another night.
Just before making supper, we found another group of caribou and went up to the summit again.   This time, we found much more caribou on the ridges around us.

CircleからEagle Summitに戻って、もう一泊車中泊しました。

The tiny dots in the center are caribou.


They noticed us.

And they kept moving on.

We spotted another herd on the flat top of farther mountain.

Can you see the tiny dots? 

They were getting closer to the edge by the highway.
Can you see the whitish dots?
They are all caribou.

They were going down towards the highway. 

They were crossing the highway! 

Lots of them!

They were going into fall colors on the other side of highway.

They were blending with fall colors and disappearing.
I can still see bunch of dots in the center.  Can you? 

Campanula lasiocarpa (Mountain Harebell or Alaska Harebell).
Only a few of them were still blooming. 

There are some caribou shown on this picture still.

The view from the trail near Eagle Summit Wayside.

A group of caribou showed up by the wayside 
while we were cooking supper! 

Some of them got pretty big antlers!

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