September 10, 2017

Central and Circle (September 3rd)

The blueberry bushes turned red near Central.
Autumn is here now.

On the second day of our trip to Eagle Summit area, we drove all the way to the end of Steese Highway, which is Circle.
We enjoyed beautiful fall colors on the way to Circle.  I saw the Yukon River for the first time.  The river was huge!  All the stones by the shore of the river were smooth and round.

Eagle Summitからさらに足を伸ばし、50マイル強、進んだ所にあるユーコン川沿いのCircleという小さな集落に出かけてきました。

The leaves were getting yellow.

The highway becomes a little rough just after Central, 
but it is fine as long as you are not speeding.

The view of Birch Creek.

Here is the another shot of Birch Creek.

Here is the shot of Circle.

The Yukon River at Circle.

It is a huge river!

H. C. Company Store at Circle.
It seems this is the only store in this community.

The old phone booth was in front of the store.

The Yukon River.

The bridge crossing Birch Creek.

The view of Birch Creek from the bridge.

The bridge over Birch Creek.

Birch Creek.

The birch leaves were getting yellow.


The view near Eagle Summit.